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Thomas Jefferson
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Player: Al
Canon: Hamilton
Canon Point: Room where it happens
Alignment: Aiadas
Date of Entry: 03/05/2016

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Mar. 6th, 2016 08:24 am
moreequal: (So what did I miss?)

So I'm aware that even though I'm definitely playing the musical version of this jerk and not the historical one, Jefferson being a historical figure will make some people uncomfortable and I definitely want to avoid that. So if you would rather me not tag your character at all, this is where to do it. Comments are screened so it's between you and me and I'll completely respect it!

I also added a line in case you'd simply just avoid some topics when dealing with Tjeffs here. Thank you!

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Player: Al
Contact: [ profile] crotalus
Age: 25
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Character: Thomas Jefferson
Age: 47
Canon: Hamilton (musical)
Canon Point: Room where it happens, when him, Hamilton and Madison meet up to discuss Hamilton's plan and the USA capital. Aka the compromise of 1790.

Background: historical Jefferson| Musical summary

It should be noted, however, that Jefferson's character in Hamilton is probably the one that deviates the most from his historical figure. What we see in the show, as said by the actor himself is how someone would have imagined Jefferson to be if they had to imagine him thanks to his writings and nothing like the person he actually was according to historical records.

The show focuses on him coming back from France, and his heated battle through the years to keep Hamilton's politics from coming through as he tries to manipulate everyone else in congress. All the while trying to raise to power himself- which, you know, he ends up being president so that worked out just fine for him. He also makes the most out of every situation to humiliate Alexander publicly, too. Like the show itself says, you never know who's going to tell your story and Jefferson made sure to be the one to tell his own.


Actual James Bond Villain Thomas Jefferson.

What? It's true.

First thing you have to know about Jefferson is that he cares about himself first and foremost. Nothing else, no one else comes first to his own ambitions and desires. He will throw nearly everyone under the bus if it gets what he wants. He has a hard time actually relating to people, like a child wrapped up in their own selfish world that only sees what he wants, and how to get it no matter the consequences. He doesn't want to do the dirty work himself, though and is very careful in not doing anything that can be traced back to him (Bond villain!). He's there for the big finale, to 'pull the trigger' like he himself says, but he won't do anything that could damage his reputation long-term. He's a subtle manipulator, but he's still one and he's the kind of person that will get you in trouble and you won't even realize what he's done until you're caught in the hurricane.

He's smart, though, and incredibly empathetic when he wants to be. One of the things that make him so great at getting people on his side is that he knows what people want to hear and just says it in a way that will benefit him. He'll shake a man's had to make him feel they are friends, then clean his hand when said man isn't looking. He might not be able to relate, but he's still really good at seizing people up and knowing what buttons to press. And usually he will press them.

Jefferson isn't just evil for the fun of it, though. What he fought for, what he believed in he believed in it wholeheartedly. He did think all men were created equal (although some more equal than others). He did think we should pay more attention to our farmers and give them their share of their own work instead of focusing on Wall Street and how to fatten our own pockets. Jefferson is like hypocrisy made a person, but there is a part of him that truly honestly believe he was doing the right thing by keeping Alexander from the Presidency. The way he sees it Hamilton's greed blinds him completely to people's actual problems and he's here to save the day.

He's also incredibly smart and brilliant, even though he makes pretty dumb life decisions. He has the kind of intelligence that pushes him to do it all, to learn every thing there is to learn. Science, Architecture, Music, Botany- nearly everything under the sun will get his attention. He tinkers with inventions, writes, reads, plays instruments, speaks a crazy amount of languages... he's a Bond Villain, but he's the smart kind of Bond Villain. If he lands into Empatheia's world he's going to absolutely love all the new things to tinker and play around with.

Abilities: He's a certified genius, but nothing other than that. He doesn't even have any military training, way to go Jefferson.

Alignment: Aiada. Jefferson is definitely the kind to get jealous rather easily. He's so used to having everyone wrapped around his little finger the moment someone else does obviously the problem is them, not him. He wants it all and he wants it now, and that causes him to always see the grass greener on the other side. He works hard to get everything he wants, but at the same time he'll destroy whatever it is other people have that he doesn't (and wants). Pretty ironic that he never realizes whatever privileges he has that other don't, though. Coughslavescough.

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